Closing Services & Title Review

When you purchase a property in Massachusetts, an attorney will conduct the closing. While some states allow title companies to close real estate transactions, Massachusetts law considers a closing to be the practice of law and therefore an attorney is required to close the transaction. A closing attorney will, among other things: (a) order and review title; (b) verify all municipal liens are paid in full; (c) verify all condo fees are paid in full, if the property is a unit in a condominium; (d) draft closing documents as necessary; (e) draft Settlement Statements and TRID Closing Disclosures, in accordance with appropriate Federal Regulations; (f) attend Closing and verify that all documents are properly executed; (g) recorded appropriate documents with the Registry of Deeds to transfer title to your name; (h) issue title insurance if required or requested; and (i) verify that all discharges are appropriately recorded post-Closing.

Experienced, Reliable and Professionals Closing Services and Title Review Attorneys

Our real estate attorneys at LaFountain & Wollman, P.C., are experienced closing attorneys and we are ready, willing and able to assist you. We will gladly travel across the state of Massachusetts to represent you in any real estate transaction you have.