Citizenship and Naturalization

Boston Citizenship Lawyers

U.S. citizenship is a privilege and honor which allows you to:

      • vote in federal elections;
      • remain permanently in the United States;
      • avoid deportation even if convicted of a serious crime*;>
      • obtain certain government benefits;
      • become eligible for federal jobs;
      • become an elected official;
      • serve on a jury;
      • travel with a U.S. passport; and
      • obtain certain government benefits.

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It is possible to be a U.S. citizen and not realize it.  Do not take the risk of assuming you are a citizen however, because a false claim to citizenship has serious immigration consequences.  If you think you might be a U.S. citizen but are unsure, feel free to contact our experienced immigration attorneys, who can assist you with the process of verifying your citizenship.


Naturalization is the process by which a person is granted United States citizenship.  In order to apply for naturalization you must:

        • be a legal permanent resident, otherwise known as a green card holder;
        • be eighteen years old (however minors can obtain citizenship through their parents);
        • have maintained continuous U.S. residence for the last five years (three years if married to and living with a U.S. citizen);
        • must be physically present in the United States for at least half of the last five years (half of the last three years if married to and living with a U.S. citizen);
        • be a person of good moral character for the last five years (three years if married to and living with a U.S. citizen);
        • demonstrate knowledge of the English language and the fundamentals of U.S. history and government (Note: there are exceptions to the English language and civics requirements depending on your age and length of time as a legal permanent resident).

If you meet these requirements, you may be eligible to be naturalized as a U.S. citizen.  If you are eligible it is recommended you do not wait, as life circumstances, such as an arrest, could result in you losing your eligibility.  It could even result in deportation.

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