Judges Must Consider Domestic Violence in Post Divorce Custody

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled that judges in the state of Massachusetts must consider all instances of domestic violence when overseeing divorce custody proceedings. Furthermore, the ruling includes hearings that take place after a divorce is final. The reasoning behind the new precedent is to help ensure children of divorce go to the safest parent or guardian possible.

“Regardless of whether it is in an initial divborce proceeding or a modificiation proceeding, the plain language of (the law) requires a Probate and Family Court judge to have complete view of abuse when determining whether a custody decision is in the child’s beest interest.” – Justice Elpeth Cypher

To read more about the new domestic violence ruling, you can find the meeting notes here. And, to learn more about child custody law and how our attorneys can help, head over to our custody disputes and child support page.

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