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Problems within the family are never something that needs to be kept secret. That is why we are here at the Brighton Family Law firm. We focus on the many issues that you have when you and your family are entrenched in a difficult time, and we are ready to listen to your concerns and help you manage. We are located at 507 Mount Auburn Street in Watertown, Massachusetts. Call us at (617)926-8944 today for a resolution to your problems.

Family Lawyer in Brighton

Several areas fall within the responsibilities of a family lawyer in Brighton, some include child custody, child support, divorce, marriage and domestic violence. You may be considering obtaining a divorce, but you are concerned about a child and spousal support. The state of Massachusetts requires that parents support their children financially. They also want to ensure that both parents maintain an ongoing relationship with their children after the divorce. By obtaining your own attorney, you will ensure that your needs and responsibilities are considered in court.

Domestic Violence

Sometimes, your marriage is complicated because of domestic violence. If this is the case for your situation, obtaining your own attorney will mean that you will have an advocate who will ensure that the abuse is considered when the custody agreement is being arranged by the court.

Brighton Family Law Attorney

A Brighton family law attorney will explain everything that will occur throughout the entire divorce process. For example, you can have a “no-fault” or a “fault” divorce in Massachusetts. It doesn’t matter which type of divorce you opt to obtain; you will need to state the reason that you would like the marriage to be dissolved. If it is a fault divorce, you will be required to focus on your spouse’s actions. Divorce is not the only reason that you may wish to hire a family attorney. If you are getting married, you may need to draw up a prenuptial agreement, and a family lawyer in Brighton will be useful for this purpose as well. Whether you are considering marriage or need to pursue a divorce, the lawyers at the Brighton family law firm are waiting for your call. We will be able to help you gain a protective order and even file a civil lawsuit to compensate you for the abuse you suffered in the past. Contact a family law attorney in Brighton today.

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